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what is dyslexia??

(as taken from www.dyslexiaonline.com)

As noted, dyslexia is not just a severe reading disorder characterized by reversals. It is a syndrome of many and varied reading and non-reading symptoms such as:


  • Memory instability for letters, words, or numbers.
  • A tendency to skip over or scramble letters, words, and sentences.
  • A poor, slow, fatiguing reading ability prone to compensatory head tilting, near-far focusing, and finger pointing.
  • Reversals of letters such as b and d, words such as saw and was, and numbers such as 6 and 9 or 16 and 61.
  • Letter and word blurring, doubling, movement, scrambling, omission, insertion, size change, etc.
  • Poor concentration, distractibility, light sensitivity (photophobia), tunnel vision, delayed visual and phonetic processing, etc.

  • Messy, poorly angulated, or drifting handwriting prone to size, spacing, and letter-sequencing errors.
Spelling, Math, Memory, and Grammar

  • Memory instability for spelling, grammar, math, names, dates, and lists, or sequences such as the alphabet, the days of the week and months of the year, and directions.

  • Speech disorders such as slurring, stuttering, minor articulation errors, poor word recall, and auditory-input and motor-output speech lags.

  • Right/left and related directional uncertainty.

  • Delay in learning to tell time.
Concentration and Activity

  • Impaired concentration, distractibility, hyperactivity, or overactivity
Behavior, Temper, or Impulse disturbances

Balance and Coordination

  • Difficulties with balance and coordination functions, i.e., walking, running, skipping, hopping, tying shoelaces, and buttoning buttons.

  • Difficulties with headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, motion sickness, abdominal complaints, excessive sweating, and bed-wetting.

  • Feeling stupid, ugly, incompetent, brainless.
Phobias and Related Mood and Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders

  • Fears of the dark, heights, getting lost, going to school.
  • Fear or the avoidance of various balance, coordination, sports, and motion-related activities.
  • Mood disturbances.
  • Obsessions and compulsions.

p/s: aku juga de dyslexia conthny slalu tersilap antara kajang n kelang, antara shah alam n alor star.kdang2 aku kne rpeat hmpir 3-5 kali time topup.aku jgak ssah nk ingat menda2 yg deal ngan number..kpada ssiapa yg rse cam de dyslexia, jgn rsau.anda adalah insan istimewa cam aku.kite best....hoho

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  1. "It is a syndrome" Yes it is . The failure to consider dyslexia as a syndrome by many results in much misunderstanding about dyslexia.

  2. haha...well, everythin seems complicated to me.


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