Rabu, Julai 10

Dirty Minded

there was one time, i was hanging out with some of my Malaysian friends and a couple from Malta (Bert and Justine) at mamak cafe nearby Masjid Jamek and we start ordering drinks and food when Bert asks my friend, Farhan about his drink's name.

Bert: what is Neslo? is it a malaysian word for Nescafe?
Farhan: no.Neslo is a type of drink where the Nescafe is mixed with Milo. a chocolate. do you know Milo?
Bert: Yes..i recognize Milo. we have one in Malta. is there any other mixed-drink?
Me: yep. Coffee + Teh...
Bert: Cofetee??
Me: no, CoTe...

and all of start laughing and all.the couple just look at us with weird face and ask why are we laughing at?

Farhan: Kote is a malaysian word for penis.
Bert: haha..now i understand. it is true you know, the world is so much funnier when you have a dirty mind.haha